Here’s what DB Career Building clients have to say about their coaching experience and the results.

A New Direction.jpg

After staying home for a year with my twins, I needed help positioning myself for my next role. DB Career Building updated my resume, edited my cover letters (and wrote some of them), and positioned me to land in the role I wanted. With Deb’s negotiation coaching, I was able to get a signing bonus AND increase my base salary. I never would have been able to do that on my own. I highly recommend DB Career Building’s services!

- Amy, Marketing Executive

Game Changer.jpg

After getting laid off from my last position, I wanted to strategically plan what was next for my career. I had plateaued in terms of the roles I was in, and the company I’d been working for wasn’t the right fit for me. DB Career Consulting helped me think through where I wanted to be, and the ultimately get there. It was like having an agent. In the end, I landed in a fantastic individual contributor role with room for advancement at a hyper-growth SaaS company. I’m making a higher base than I was before and I’m so happy. Highly recommend!

-Josh, Individual Contributor

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DB Career Building helped me to frame my past results so that I could communicate my value. Having my resume and individual cover letters written for me for each position definitely made the difference and got me the interviews I was looking for. In the end, I was offered the position I wanted and negotiated more money than I would have on my own. It was well-worth the investment.

- Logan, Senior Executive