About Deb

Deb Berman spent the early part of her career founding a successful nonprofit organization (that is still thriving today), before launching a career in sales. Holding titles such as VP of Sales, VP of Success Management, and VP of Strategic Partnerships, Deb was responsible for millions of dollars in sales at hyper-growth technology companies such as Justmeans, Buddy Media, Curalate, and Catchafire. In her career, she has hired hundreds of people and can share the perspective of hiring teams, whether it’s in technology startups, nonprofit organizations, or larger, more established companies. 

Combining her love of sales with her passion for helping people, Deb transitioned to consulting services, working directly with VPs and CEOs on growing their sales organizations. In 2018, with a desire to create an entrepreneurial venture that would help others achieve their goals, she formed DB Career Building to help people to land their dream job in the right company at the right salary.

Working with Deb

The work that we will do together will include radical candor – I’ll tell it to you like it is. It will be productive – if you can’t stand the idea of writing your resume, I can do it for you. And it will be efficient – we’ll leverage technology to be nimble and move quickly to drive results.