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Are you ready for your next career move?
Do you find yourself unexpectedly in transition?
Have you run your course at your current role?

Looking for a job is time consuming, challenging and to many people, unpleasant. Okay, it can suck. However, it doesn’t have to... Imagine your search as a carefully curated chess game with a coach guiding the way and ensuring your moves are optimal for you; helping you to land in the right position given your goals and aspirations.

DB Career Building services are designed with job seekers in mind. Imagine a trainer at the gym who could actually do some of your workouts for you. The concept is strategic and tactical, impactful and simple. You define what you want, and we work together in a calculated and systematic way, to help you get it.

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Career Solutions

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, we’ll help you hone the skills and develop the confidence you need to land the job of your dreams.

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Hourly Coaching Services

Job Search Strategy services include resume review, feedback and writing/re-writing; cover letter editing; comprehensive interview prep; salary negotiation; and more.


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Executive in Transition Package

Do you find yourself in transition, perhaps unexpectedly? I get it, these situations are tough and you need an agent. A headhunter to work for you. With this package, we become your job search partner in a deep and impactful way.

This in-depth package includes up to 30 hours of coaching.


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The Graduate Package

We can help graduates transition from the safe space of school into the “real world.” We work together to help translate internship, volunteer, classroom and work experience into a sharp new resume and partner to guide and direct job sourcing through networking.

The initial package includes up to 10 hours of coaching.


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Deb Berman

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In 2018, with a desire to create an entrepreneurial venture that would help others achieve their goals, Deb Berman formed DB Career Building to help people to land their dream job in the right company at the right salary. Learn about Deb’s sales background and expertise HERE.